Biztrak MSB



BIZTRAK MSB is a full spectrum Windows-based accounting software that combines powerful functionality and unprecedented collaboration capabilities into an unparalleled package. It provides features like scalability, rrobust architecture and ability to upgrade constantly to achieve compliance and improved productivity.

Biztrak MSB Accounting & Business Intelligence Solution has been developed with an eye towards ever expanding capabilities, and bringing features that were previously found only in large-scale enterprise solutions to the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector.

Suitable for all kind of businesses, Biztrak MSB produces financial reporting that is fully compliant with the IFRS and SST/VAT regulations.

Why Biztrak MSB

  • An integrated suite of Accounting & Business Intelligence Solution that empowers SMEs to implement leading-edge business practices
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) Compliant & Certified by Royal Custom, Malaysia and Sales and Services Tax functions accounting software
  • Supports standards-based financial reporting in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Supports managerial decision-making by providing business intelligence tools such as periodic financial ratio analysis and analysis codes for management and cost accounting)
  • Supports multi-national accounting by providing multi-currency support
  • Strengthens corporate governance with auditor-friendly features
  • Fulfilled the Top 10 Criteria for Selecting Accounting Software as follows:
Level of support provided by the local firm
Developer's track record of performance
Software’s ability to fit the business
Growth potential of software
Price of software
Quality of documentation
Functionality of software (provides up to 140 standard reports)
Ease of use
Ease of implementation
Software works with existing hardware

Modules & Features

  1. Open Architecture
  2. Online Wizard
  3. Virtual Close
  4. Flexible Accounting Periods
  5. Layout Designer
  6. Easy Sort & Filter
  7. Drill-down Capability
  8. Customizer
  9. Comprehensive Reports & Statements
  10. Export to Excel
  11. Foreign Currency
  12. Database Utility
  1. Open Architecture
  2. Security Access Control
  3. Security Access Log Listing
  4. Security System Setting
  5. Option to Lock Transaction/Documents
  6. Audit Trail
  7. Credit Check
  1. Tax Details & Tax Schedule
  2. Tax Return Period
  3. Tax Point Rule
  4. Source Code
  5. Item Pricing
  6. Transactions Related to GST Input/ Output Tax
  7. Tax Form Column Formula Setup
  8. GST Audit File (GST)
  9. Comprehensive Tax Reports
  1. Flexible & Restructurable Chart of Accounts
  2. Journals
  3. Analysis Codes
  4. Budget/Forecast
  5. Ratio Analysis
  6. Recurring GL
  7. GL Report Writer
  1. Ledger Management
  2. Recurring Billing
  3. Customer Ledger Inquiry
  1. Ledger Management
  2. Vendor Invoices
  3. Vendor Ledger Inquiry
  1. Bank Overdraft Limit Checking
  2. Payment by Due Date
  3. Print Cheque
  4. Recurring Payment
  1. User-Defined Assets Category
  2. Depreciation Methods
  3. Asset Register
  4. Disposal
  1. Inventory Analysis
  2. Costing Method
  3. User Defined Fields (UDF)
  4. Item Cost Apportionment
  5. Multiple Warehouses
  6. Unit of Measurement
  7. Complete Sales Cycle
  8. Discount Structure
  9. Price Book
  10. Customer Price History List
  11. Complete Purchase Cycle
  12. Extended Vendor Info
  13. Profit Margin Analysis
  14. Item Reorder List
  15. History Inquiry
  16. Stock Take
  17. Item Inquiry